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Dear Michaelji,
The AIT is already busted because of abundant archaeological evidences such as the discovery of Harappan sites and the finding of the lost river Saraswati, which was flowing in the times of the Mahabharata war. Moreover the blunders (whether willingly done or genuine msitakes) of Sir William Jones have been exposed convincingly. Some DNA testing work already done show that no Aryan Invasion ever took place. Of course research is an unending process.
Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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Dear Sunilji,

Thank you for that ! I guess that DNA testing will sort this out for once and for all some time soon, so we can drop the 'blame game' !
Perhaps the Native Tribes will be DNA'd to see if they are even more ancient Indians ?


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Dear Michaelji,

Yes, Max muller was a great man and according to Swami Vivekananda he was an incarnation of Sayana. In the Indian tradition we do not dig the past of a saint and we do not worry about the source of a river. Yet it is difficult to forget that he was the architect of the fake Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT). Initially he was under the German romanticism due to coming under the influence of the works of the German scholars of the 18th and 19th centuries, who held a concept that the Germans were the Aryans. At that time he also tried to persuade some people to follow the Aryan christ though he was himself at loggerhead with the orthodox Christian clergy. Further coming under the influence of Jonesian chronology he imagined that his own Aryan ancestors came to India in the 15th century BCE and authored the Rig Veda around 12th to 14th century BCE. Later on he realised his mistake and retracted his opinion but the damage was already done and the
opportunistic colonial historians did not accept his retraction and the AIT became more and more entrenched in the academic circle. Because of that the Indian children are not being able to read the true ancient history of India even now. 


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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Yadu ji

The wonderful concept of pancamahayajna takes care of all cases and all imperfections, doesn't it ? 
Asking for a specific gift from the gods would thus be permissible, but asking something 'for me alone' -- not !

By the way, what have you guys got against Max Muller, who introduced the RgVeda to the West, gave his life to scholarship, and was recognised by a great Hindu sage as the reincarnation of another ancient sage ? 

Just one of his services was to introduce young men who were to join the Indian Civil Service, to the greatness of Hinduism and the Veda before they left for India..
A pity he wasn't asked to perform the same service for intending missionaries -- they might have given up before they set foot on the boat !

Regards to all,
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        Hi MIchael:

        I do not not know if you saw this but would like to know your thoughts.


        Dr. Yadu

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                Namste Michael:

                PaNinii arly makes a difference between the term "yaj~na and kartu" in his  aShtaadhyaayii.

                4.3.68 kratuyaj~nebhyashcha 

                In kaashiikaavR^itti the term kartu signifies somayaj~na.

                Term yaj~naa is difined by mimaa.nsaakaara's as -

                devatoddeshena dravyatyaagaH

                Meaning - giving money for the purpose of Gods.

                Here the the purpose needs to be understood correctly in the term of "advaitic perspective" as an extension of "aha.mbrahmaasmi".  Gods are separate from us and we are essentially Gods when it comes to "Society".

                As per nirukta 


                yaj~naH kasmaat | prakhyaata.m yajatirkarma iti nairuktaaH | 

                yaacno bhavati iti vaa | bahu kR^iShNaajina iti aupamanyavaH | yajuu.mShi ena nayanti iti.vaa 

                Meaning - As per nirukta - completion of a procedure that is known to everyone is "yaj~na". desire of receiving is expressed in it, therefore it is yaj~na. aupananya says that there are many "kR^iShNajiina" (deer skins - used for sitting) thus it is called "yaj~na". Primarily "yajusa" mantraa's are used in this process. 

                IMO - It is unfortunate that pandits look at the there terms with limited perspective of ritual rather than the intended purpose as elegantly expressed in R^igveda.

                 sutraamaaNam pR^ithiviiM dyaam anehasaM susharmaaNam aditiM supraNiitim|
                 daiviiM naavaM svaritraam anaagasam asravantiim aa ruhemaa svastaye  || 10-63-10 ||

                Meaning – May we ride the boat that which is huge, defect-less (without hole), protects, enjoyable and full of happiness, does nor display poverty, has no odd attributes, and which is exalted and (proceeding in) right direction of progress (uatkatSha)and obtaining or attaining Godhead. 


                Is is not a perfect description of attempting to build a Titanic that would not sink and take the passengers to prosperity ? 


                As per Westerners confusing the issue is not really relevant.  Some of then purposely misinterpreted our ancient texts but bigger blame has to be shouldered by the Indian scholars who for selfish supported and propagated their integrations.  Unfortunately this continues today from Max Muller to Michael Witzel. 


                Hope this helps, 




                Dr. Yadu 



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