[Advaita-l] Pancikarana vs. Trivrtkarana (was Re: Dr Mani Dravid)

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Thu Apr 16 15:45:25 CDT 2009


Dear Shri Bhattacharjya, 


You raise several good points here: Please let me add my thoughts. 


>Does advaita really question srushti prakriya? 


Shruti is no other than wordings of advaitists earlier than you. If advaita questions shruti, 

some one will come up to question advaita as we have it today. 


>Srushti, howsoever impermanent,  does take place as >Lord Krishna told in the Bhagavad Gita.


That is because vision of seer doesn't go anywhere. As long as the seer sees something will be seen 

(Shruti in passive voice). 


>Advaita to my mind does not derecognise Srushti.


Hmm., if the advaitic truth being said now is higher than earlier Shrutis, yes advaita would surely 

derecognize Shruti. So many times Yajnavalkya derecgonizes ritual practices that were taken 

for granted in earlier times.  


>Srushti is Vyavaharic Satya and is impermanent (anitya). 


Yes, to the extent the person saying this oneself is beyond kAla. If the person saying this is 

living under control of kAla, above statement amounts to addressing a king as a servant. 


>Ascribing permanence to it is a false notion. 


True, but we have to live long enough to see some one coming up to refute it. In any case why 

did we preserve the Shrutis so far in the first place? Br.U I.iv.16 says "That he studies vedas is 

how he becomes an object of enjoyment for the rishis". BTW, if we discarded all Shrutis, then 

acharyas' bhashyas would be the Shrutis for us (as a corrollory panchikaraNam becomes a Shruti

even if it was not mentioned in a Shruti that we know of) which means we have to now take a literal 

definition of Shruti as what is heard (from your teacher). In any case you respect the regular 

Shrutis only because your own guru/acharya probably respected them as higher than his own 

teaching, otherwise I say you are the luckiest person in the world who doesn't need to respect 

Shruti at all, and the Shruti from this teacher would be no less apaurusheya. (The only test 

would be when the ideas are discussed with other claimants.)  


>Secondly one who has realised Advaita sees unity in the srushti as the ultimate constituents 

>are the same in everything in the world and the constituents are from the same source so these 

>are not different from the source.


Well, whatever this person says will be Shruti for others, so there is no way you can avoid Shrutis 

getting created, can you?




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