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Dear Michael 
On Feb 2, you mentioned three worlds are physical or material, the mental or 'subtle', and the 'causal' or spiritual. 


Shruti has bhUh, bhuvaH ans svaH. 

Puranas have brahmalok, vaikunth, and kailash or they also have bhulok, svargalok and pataal.   


The manas-buddhi-ahamkara of Hindu traditions translates to mind-intelligence-ego (MIE). 

I said some swamijis used BMI which is similar to three worlds of west. MIE and BMI really 

don't go together but we are learing to work with the terms. 

Now you say:
>The other 'accretion' is the statement that there are >three 'loka' affecting the balance 

>or imbalance of the >guna : universal; local; and personal

What are these three lokas now? Please clarify and give names and references. 

How can the three lokas affect balance or imbalance of gunas? 

Does a whole loka adopt one guna? another loka another guna?

One test case may be: A perfect satvic world order, with an rajasic country in which an ignorant person lives. 

I am lost. What is the relevance of this to advaita? Please explain with examples. 


(We do have fourfold practice of dharma: universal, social, family and personal.

I have no reference for this other than an RSS publication called Bunch of thoughts.

I believe the idea should have been taken from Mahabharata, which is our repository

in matters concerning practice of dharma.)




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