[Advaita-l] tamoguna

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Namaste Bhadraiah:
The word asura is defined as "asuhu ye ramante iti asuraH"

Meaning - Ones who are and/or prefer t keep enjoying living (within indriiyas).
asura's as depicted in pauraaNika stories & comic books (black with blood shot eyes and thick lips with protruding k-9) often contribute to the confusion of this term.
Dr. Yadu

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Dear Michael, 

Very good question. Devas and asura/rakshas were all children of prajapati, meaning their origin same, but something in their nature differentiates them. The question of daivi and asuri aspects of a guna is linked to the definition of asura/rakshas. I always used to wonder why there are two types of bad guys and what is the difference between them.


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