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The description of the three gunas are exhaustively discussed in the 14th chapter of Gita.
In the 17th Chapter, Krishna describes their expressions in terms of speach, action and even food wise. There is also discussion of daiviisampatti and aasurii sampatti.
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I'd like to raise the question of tamoguna.

Like most people, I guess, I at first accepted the standard dictionat
definition that sattwa is the quality of goodness and knowledge; rajas, the
energy of action; and tamas, inertia and darkness.

Then later I was introduced to the idea (and I'm asking for any source texts
here) that there were two aspects to each guna : divine and demonic. So that
'demonic sattwa', kashaya,  is illusory goodness and knowledge (as anyone
who has been to California will rcognise..); 'demonic rajas', vikshepa, is
destructive agitation; and 'divine tamas' has something of Shiva : the
divine measure of things which gives shape to all actions; and mal is the
demonic 'inertia and darkness'' normally agttributed to tamas, without

This seems to me to be an insult to tamas, if its divine aspect is not

I hope for comments and source texts on this matter.


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