[Advaita-l] Waking and Dream States - II

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experience, it was just earlier tajasa causing them, so it is taijasa playing with itself. 


All the time Turiya is the witness but never intervenes. 

Bhadraiahji PraNams

Yes turiiya is the witnessing consciousness that is adhishTaanam for the three states of consciousness. 

About dream state, what I have presented is my understanding of the scriptures based on my background, the self-consistency of the waking and dream states and the teaching that I have received from my teachers to the degreee that I could understand and communicate within my limitations - this I have stated in the beginning of the series itself. My understanding differs from yours, as is evident.

If you are happy with your explanation, there is nothing more to it. Let that be.  

Hari Om!

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