[Advaita-l] Waking and Dream States - II

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Sun Apr 12 04:14:02 CDT 2009

Shri Sadanandaji, 


Kindly refer to your March 30 post:


>As we discussed, it is the suppressions or oppressions –or subtle impressions - in the

>waking mind that form the cause for projection of the dream world.


This seems to be influenced by western thinking or there was a miscommunication. Could you please quote the source?


Visva is a lower entity and it can not control taijasa. So waking state experiences can

not influence dream state. Yes, as kids we did control our parents to the extent we could

extract candies and toys from them, but ultimately it was they who controlled us by

providing food at right time. Waking state experiences were already influenced by

taijasa, and if the person had some expertize in meditation the waking experiences 

would have been entirely diffeent, so waking experiences are merely the 'effect' of what taijasa earlier did during the time the person was awake. If dreams are "caused" by waking 

experience, it was just earlier tajasa causing them, so it is taijasa playing with itself. 


During waking state:

- Visva, taijasa and prajna are all active as witnesses and intervene some times. 

- Only those who have some meditative experience perceive taijasa

- Only jivanmuktas experience prajna. 


During dream state:

-Visva is dissolved, and taijasa and prajna are active and intervene some times. 

- Only jivanmuktas experience prajna


During deep sleep:

- Visva and taijasa are dissolved. 


All the time Turiya is the witness but never intervenes. 




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