[Advaita-l] sAdhana and SraddhA: VivekachUDAmaNi-bhAshhya

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Apologies Shri Jayanarayanan, for the misspelling.  

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Subject: [Advaita-l] sAdhana and SraddhA: VivekachUDAmaNi-bhAshhya
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Dear Shri Jayaraman, 
After all arguments, your conclusion may be the correct one.
s'Rti is what is heard (passive voice). s'ravaNam is hearing (active voice) by the hearer.  
s'rat may be the inner faculty that hears or it must have something to do with hearing, similar to how chit is the faculty that thinks intelligently or hRt is the faculty that controls the vital functions of jiva. 
s'rat+dha may be the complete merger of hearer and thinker. 
Ch.U. I.7.3 says 
3. Rik is the ear, Sâman the manas. This Sâman (manas) rests on that Rik (ear). Therefore the Sâman is sung as resting on the Rik. Sâ is the ear, ama the manas, and that makes Sâma. 
So Shraddha symbolizes complete immersion of manas in what was taught by guru. I hope that is closer.

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