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While Kalady is now widely accepted as the birthplace of Bhagavatpaada and vaisaakha suddha panchami as the birth date, it might not be impertinent to understand the basis for these better. These were fixed around 1930, if memory serves me right; there are some who do not accept the so-called maadhaveeya Sankaravijayam (the text says it is written by abhinava kaalidaasa) as maadhava-kritam and consider it to be a work of much later time (based on style, conformity with scripture, absence of multiple manuscripts etc.). I wonder if there is any other source / basis for the date and place on one hand; and the identity of the present village / town with the textual one. 


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Just as I was reading this blog entry, I chanced upon a recent saddening piece of news from Kaladi. The emerald Sivalinga and valuables kept in the sanctum of the temple at Kalady have been stolen. If you check news.google.com and search for Kalady, there are many news items that come up from various sources.



> I found this interesting article about the birthplace of Shankaracharya at 
> Kaladi (Kerala) on another list and thought Advaita-l readers might be 
> interested.
> http://dharsanam.blogspot.com/2009/03/kaaladi-sri-aadhi-sankarar.html
> The rest of Shri Sarvanan Iyers blog is well worth a look at. It has many 
> wonderful articles about various tirths and mandirs the author has 
> visited all acommpanied by photos.

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