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Fri Apr 3 10:51:19 CDT 2009

For those interested in the DC area, April 7th at College Park 6:30PM.
For those in Boston area, April 8th at MIT 6pm.

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Subject: [umd_samskritam] Why Sanskrit in the Modern World?: A talk by Sri Krishna Shastry
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Date: Sunday, March 29, 2009, 10:02 PM

Dear All,
One of the founders of Samskrit Bharati, Sri Krishna Shastry, is giving a talk on April 7th at Univ of Maryland, College Park. (Most likely you know him so I will spare the introduction here.) More details are attached below.
Please mark your calendars & invite friends and relatives.
On behalf of DESI & UMD samskritam,
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Subject: Why Sanskrit in the Modern World?: A talk by Sri Krishna Shastry
Sanskrit trivia: 
Indo-European cognates of the word "Mouse" (from west to east!)
Latin mūs ->Albanian mī -> Ancient Greek μῦς (mūs) -> Old Church Slavonic мъішь (myšĭ) -> Russian мышь (myš)  ->Armenian մուկ (mouk) ->  Persian موش (mush) ->Sanskrit मूष् (mūṣ)

Language not only connects people, but it also connects their civilizations & histories; their exchange, evolution and expression is imprinted in their language. 
As the world enters a space age, what is the relevance of a language from pre-historic times? 
Please join DESI & UMD Samskritam for a talk by Sri Krishna Shastry, one of the founders of famed educational institute Samskrit Bharati, on relevance of Sanskrit in 21st century. 

Speaker: Sri Cha. Mu. Krishna Shastry
Date: April 7th, 2009
Venue: Room 2168, AV Williams Building, Univ. of Maryland, College Park
Time: 6:30-7:30pm (snacks from 6:15-6:30pm)

Event website: http://www.studento rg.umd.edu/ desi/Events/ 20090407_ Krishna_Shastry/ 
Info and rides : desi.umd at gmail. com (3016533218)
DESI Homepage: http://www.studento rg.umd.edu/ desi/
UMD Samskritam Homepage: http://www.speaksan skrit.org/ umd.shtml
If you would like to join him for dinner afterwards, please RSVP at:
http://spreadsheets .google.com/ viewform? formkey=cHlSZG1W N0JNc1lmWGVoMlFK aTJLTVE6MA. .
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