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Resending with subject header corrected ...

Namaste Mahesh,

Here is the reasoning in brief: (based on my understanding)

Consider the famous rope-snake analogy - rope appears as snake.
Similarly, aspects of brahma under influence of mAyA appear as
constituents of the universe. Let us denote by Sm, entities in this
world of mAyA. Denote by Sb, aspects of brahma. Every element
in Sm is derived from an element in Sb under the influence of mAyA.

You may ask what is the nature of elements in Sb. 
Is it like element "A" in Sm ?
The answer is not like "A" (neti).
Is it like element "B" in Sm ?
The answer is not like "B" (neti).
For every possible question, the answer will be neti.
.... because elements in Sm is our vyavahArika universe, and
all that we can talk of is in terms of elements in Sm.

There however are some things that we can talk of that transcend Sm. 
Example: concept of numbers, concept of sequence, ...



Pranams Sri Gadkari:
>> If there is no sequencing from the absolute viewpoint I fail to
understand how the law of
>> karma can function at the level of vyavahAra.
What do you mean by "absolute viewpoint"? Isn't that inconceivable (viz.
neti, neti)? Also can you please elaborate why Time (absolute or otherwise)
is necessary for implementing the law of karma? I am unable to see your
Thanks & Pranams, Mahesh


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