[Advaita-l] vedic mantras in nitya karmas

narayan iyer z1e1b1r1a at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 24 03:11:12 CDT 2008


While doing nitya karmas yesterday, my mind kept wandering to the articles of bhakti and karma which I had read in list archieves (of Sept. 2001, I think) and to the wonderful article written by Sri K Sadananda and also the quotation of HH Sri Chandrasekhara Bharati Swami.

When I applied my mind more to the task at hand and concentrated on mantras, I observed that except for Sri Rudram, other mantras like Purusha sookta, Narayana sookta (except once), Sri Sookta, Durga sookta etc. do not appear to contain (to my very limited understanding of sanskrit) the word "namaha:"  I checked with sandhya mantras (only of vedic portion) and again found the same to the case.

Of course I understand that the mantras I quoted are stuti and doesnt probably require namah:, but still can someone elaborate, how the vinamrata aspect is covered/implied by vedic mantras?  I mean, I can be reciting the stutis and still be haughty without any concept of samarpan or saranagati and not have the required Bhav.  And also, if someone can explain the origins of namah:, the explicit vinamrata bhav in mantras?

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