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udaramupAsate ya R^iShivartmasu kUrpadashaH parisarapaddhatiM hR^idayamAruNayo daharam |
tata udagAdananta tava dhAma shiraH paramam punariha yat sametya na patanti kR^itAntamukhe || 18 ||

"It is the tradition of the R^Shis[1], to meditate on brahman in the space 
in the heart[2] in the method taught by the AruNeyas.[3]  From the base[4] to 
there the AtmA rises and continues to your supreme abode in the crown of 
the head[5] and never again falls into the jaws of death"

[1] the saMpradaya or lineage of guru and shishya beginning from the R^Shis.

[2] This is the daharavidya. See chhandogyopaniShad 3.14

[3] the R^Shis of this vidyA are uddalaka aruNI and his son shvetaketu.

[4] the soul in the state of ignorance resides at the base of the spine in 
the mulAdhara chakra. It rises up through the iDA and suShumNA nADIs to 
the maNipUra chakra in the heart by practicing the upAsanA of daharavidya.

[5] The supreme abode of brahman can also be visualized as the sahasra 
chakra at the crown of the head (brahmarandhra) which is reached by 
continuing upAsanA until it becomes GYAna.

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