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Dr. Yadu Moharir ymoharir at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 21 19:04:35 CDT 2008

Respected List Members:

> There are different aspects of discussion that have already
> come up -
> knowledge of Sanskrit, translations of Vedas, role of the
> Sankara maThas
> in the modern world, maTha-s not being able to make even
> their followers
> follow brAhmaNa dharma, etc. Here are my 2 cents on this.
> 1. It is not the job of the Sankara maThas to make
> available online versions of Veda translations.

YM - Can some one elaborate on whose job should this be ?  Should that be the respponsibility of the Dalit Leaders or the Italian Devi at the head table of the leadership?
Why should not be the job of Sanskrit scholars at the "maTha" !  By providing the Translations of Veda on their website they need to take the responsibility they they agree with the contents.  If they do not wish to translate that is fine but at least they should have a disclaimer that states that Matha does not agree with the translations.
MaTha has fabulous library but it is impossible to gain access to that either.  If they can scan it and place it in the digital media that would be a great service. 

> Unless one is living in interior Africa or south America, finding some guidance from a more learned person is also not all that difficult. In the USA or Europe, you cannot always expect the local temple priest to guide you beyond a point, but you can certainly find help from a host of other

YM - Some the quality of priests. who pretend to to be scholars in US have absolutely no understanding of the contents they recite.  On one SatyanaaraayaNa puujaa, the great priest forgot the sa~Nklapa.  When confronted he had no shame is saying that no one understands Sanskrit.  This is just a small puujaa ?  I did complain to the Temple Management but they are more ignorant when it comes to rituals.  All they want is their Names and pictures in the media & brochures  !?

> At the very least, if specific questions are asked on this
> forum, there is no dearth of very helpful scholars here, young and old, who will respond.

YM - Agreed, we are all fortunate that there are scholars on this list who do answer the questions without reservations.

> 8. Rather than make a hundred other points on this list, I
> would suggest (with thanks to Kennedy) - ask not what a traditional maTha
> is doing for you, ask what you can do to help sustain a traditional
> maTha. If we feel strongly about our tradition, there is no better way than
> to personally get in touch with some of our traditional institutions,
> find out what they are doing and help their growth. I can think of many
> more worthy institutions that one can support, not just the famous Sankara maTha-s.

YM - Personally I do not see anything wrong for Sri Srikrishna having raised the issue ? 
A better statement than Kennedy is found in our shrii suukta - "praadurbhuuto.asu raaShTre.asmin kiirtimR^iddhiM dadaatu me".  Where the concept of abhyudayaa is explicitly expressed.
My 2 Cents.
Dr. Yadu


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