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There are a number of veda patashAlas that have either been set-up or supported at the behest of the Kanchi MahAperiyavAr - 


One such institution that I am familiar with is in Navi Mumbai


Best wishes,

Hari OM

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> Respected Sri Vidyasankarji,
> The first query of my post was "Is there a charter of
> functions of Sankara Mutts?" This was inexplicably not
> touched by any of the respondents.  Not even an i dont know;
> i dont care; you are not entitled to know response.
> Here there is exaggeration  or presumption of one's own
> experience takes over.  I am staying in Surat, Gujarat,
> India.  I belong to taittiriya shaka of KYV and I couldnt
> locate a traditional teacher possessing knowlege of sanskrit
> and TS of KYV.  I was not alone in search and there were
> others in search as well.  I am not a net-geek seeking
> internet access to everything.  I would love to learn in the
> personal company of my guru.  Absence of that company is
> what making me to turn to other resources.


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