[Advaita-l] Sankara Mutt

narayan iyer z1e1b1r1a at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 17 03:40:21 CDT 2008


I would like to know what exactly is the charter of functions of Sankara Mutts, especially the 4 (or 5 if we include Kanchi) sankara mutts?

I do know that they are doing yeoman public service like running schools, ved patshalas, go shalas, may be hospitals too.  How do they do prachara of sanatanama dharma is my question and how do they spread the message of the vedas?

My question basically arises due to non-availability of translation of veda
samhitas, aranyakas etc.  The only translated versions available are by western scholars and the translation leaves much to be desired.  Can Sankara mutts do something about it.  

Even cash-rich institutions like Sri Satya baba and Mahirishi TM do not seem to do anything in the matter and have uploaded the pages of translation by western scholars on their websites.   

Agreed we should have learnt Sanskrit, but that doesn's solve the problem as on today and none of us have sanskrit as mother-tongue and even knowing sanskrit wouldnt have helped in decoding the vedic texts.

Any thoughts on the matter....??

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