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Tue Sep 16 11:29:13 CDT 2008

Ram Ram 

Dr K Srinivasan,HOD of Sanskrit Dept of Vivekananda College has been invited to Chicago to participate in a Seminor in the University;he is very good in delivering lectures in English on Vedantha,purva Mimamsa as well as Nyaya.He studied under Varahoor Sri Kalayanasundara sastrigal.

He will stay in Chicago from Oct 31 to Nov 4;I am sending this mail to U with a view to enable you to get in touch with your contacts in and around Chicago sothat people can make use of his presence as he can give lectures on Hindu religion in English.Connected expenses will be borne by people arranging lectures.

Interested persons may get in touch with his son at kartikeyans at gmail.com

K Sundararaman

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