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<Entirely agree. In a talk on the gItA that I attended recently, the
teacher explained how "conscience" comes only after the SAstra and
SiShTAcAra in determining dharma. The Kanchi Paramacharya also says
the same in his Deivathin Kural>

1/ It is difficult to agree to the position that conscience comes only after SAstra. I do not think there is any thing in my presentation that has violated SishTAcAra. My mentioning SAstri-pundit-s rigidly interpreting SAstra-s is a scenario in the context of specific example without any disrespect to them as class. 

2/ The point I am making is SAstra-s are not end in themselves.  A particular smRti may say "women are not fit for freedom', or that "women can not remarry", or that "certain class should do only menial work" and so on so forth. I can definitely have conscience to reject these positions even if I am not a SAstri or Pundit.

3/ To make my position clear, I tend to respect SAstri or Pundit in today's context. They do not have 
any influential arbitrating power which they used to have in the past. Today, they could be learning SAstra for the sake of Knowledge or for keeping alive their tradition of learning. I have empathy for both these tasks.


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