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It should read unequivocal in Srikanta`s reply to Srinivas.R.Krishnsmoorthy.

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> Namaste,
> Since you mentioned about Mundaka Upanishad, I looked into
> the text of this Upanishad. It was no surprise to see that the 
> vidyA outlined in this Upanishad too seems to be upAsanA of
> akshara brahma/ akshara purusha - which is different from 
> purushottama. 
> There will be no more messages from my end on this topic.
> Everthing that I had to say on this topic has been said more
> than once. || hari om||
> Regards,
> Shrinivas
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> Dear Srinivas
> I could not respond immediately as I was out of station.Regarding your
> question on Saguna Brahmopasana or pratikopasana,the Upasnishads 
> confinethis to the ritualistic portion,in the mantra,Brahmana 
> sections.PerformingYagas and Yagnas and obtaining the rewards like 
> heavens and astral
> positions  are contained in these sections.But,the Nirguna Brahma(not
> Nirguna Brahmopasana,I see the contradiction here),start only after
> condemning the rituals(see for instance Mundakopanishad).The 
> Upanishadsand the Bhagawadgita are equivocal in declaring that the 
> Upasana leads the
> devotee to higher worlds,special powers and finally the form of 
> Diety he
> worships.But, the contemplation or the jnana of the Nirguna 
> Brahman leads
> one to the realisation of Brahman.If one wants to remain in the 
> upasana of
> saguna Brahman and kainkaryam of the Lord like the 
> Vishishtadwaitins(whosay that even Jnani or kaivalyarthi is below 
> the one who serves the Lord
> and tries to attain the Lord(I do not see the difference between 
> one who
> tries to attain the Lord or Moksha and a Jnan, it is fine.But he 
> will be
> in the next station to the one he aspires.
>                                                          N.Srikanta.
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