[Advaita-l] Discussion on Saguna Brahmopasana

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Wed May 14 23:58:22 CDT 2008

Since you mentioned about Mundaka Upanishad, I looked into
the text of this Upanishad. It was no surprise to see that the 
vidyA outlined in this Upanishad too seems to be upAsanA of
akshara brahma/ akshara purusha - which is different from 
There will be no more messages from my end on this topic.
Everthing that I had to say on this topic has been said more
than once. || hari om||
Dear Srinivas
I could not respond immediately as I was out of station.Regarding your
question on Saguna Brahmopasana or pratikopasana,the Upasnishads confine
this to the ritualistic portion,in the mantra,Brahmana sections.Performing
Yagas and Yagnas and obtaining the rewards like heavens and astral
positions  are contained in these sections.But,the Nirguna Brahma(not
Nirguna Brahmopasana,I see the contradiction here),start only after
condemning the rituals(see for instance Mundakopanishad).The Upanishads
and the Bhagawadgita are equivocal in declaring that the Upasana leads the
devotee to higher worlds,special powers and finally the form of Diety he
worships.But, the contemplation or the jnana of the Nirguna Brahman leads
one to the realisation of Brahman.If one wants to remain in the upasana of
saguna Brahman and kainkaryam of the Lord like the Vishishtadwaitins(who
say that even Jnani or kaivalyarthi is below the one who serves the Lord
and tries to attain the Lord(I do not see the difference between one who
tries to attain the Lord or Moksha and a Jnan, it is fine.But he will be
in the next station to the one he aspires.


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