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Ananta Bhagwat ananta14 at yahoo.com
Tue May 13 11:14:31 CDT 2008

Some queries and comments on Mr Gerald's posts:

1/ " I'm not sure he's ever even
read a neo-advaitic philosophical treatise, from the general way that
he's carrying on." (Mr Gerald's post of May 10)

Mr Gerald can recommend any particular philosophical treaties which he thinks as neo-advaitic so that the term will be more clear. Does Stanley Sobottka's "A Course in Consciousness" (available on Internet) can qualify as neo-advaita treaties?

2/ "This is a serious philosophical school, by the way.  They
may be at odds with traditional advaita, but the works of these people
are well worth reading, IMHO." (Mr Gerald's post of May 13)

Who are these people who follow this serious philosophical school; who are at odds with traditional (classical) advaita and still be called advaitins (neo or otherwise)?

3/   "Sw. Vivekananda was undeniably influenced
by neo-vedantic thinking, as was Swami Dayananda, although my impression
is that this just happened to be what was flying around in
pre-independence-Indian intellectual circles, not any sort of
traditional commitment that had been passed down to them by their
preceptors, nor an original variation on traditional vedantic thought that
they were attempting to overtly assert by formal philosophical arguments." (His 2nd post of May 13)

These are only Mr Gerald's impressions! Swami Vivekananda has written and spoken extensively on Vedanta and was well connected with Vedanta tradition. Obviously, Mr Gerald has not read much about him.


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