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Ramesh Krishnamurthy rkmurthy at gmail.com
Mon May 12 23:05:16 CDT 2008

Dear Gerald,

Just so that we can follow the discussion, it would be helpful if you
could clearly indicate what you mean by "neo-Vedanta". For example you

>   The term, as used by Western academics, applies to a whole set of Indian
>  philosophers and academics, none of whom were sannyasis, to my knowledge.
>  They attended academic conferences, they wrote for academic audiences, and
>  they used Western philosophical terminology and arguments.  And yes, it is
>  called "neo-Hinduism," "neo-vedanta" or "neo-advaita" by Western
>  academics - most commonly "neo-vedanta," in my experience.

I am unable to understand what the above is. Who were the Indian
philosophers and academics, who were non-sannyasi-s, who influenced
Swami Vivekananda etc? I am quite unaware of any such people in the
19th century. If you could name some, that would be useful for our

Anyway, your usage of the term seems quite different from the way
Vidyasankar uses it, or what Alan Jacobs refers to in that link.

santoShaH paramo lAbhaH satsa~NgaH paramA gatiH I
vicAraH paramaM j~nAnaM shamo hi paramaM sukham II
-  yoga vAsiShTha

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