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Mon Sep 24 15:08:32 CDT 2007

PraNAms, Krisji.

Shyamji has explained this very well before. Perhaps I shouldn't belabour
this point too much, but your answer would seem to imply that the
enery+action aspect (Maya) prevailed upon the water (Brahman) to make a wave
and give the wave a separate identity (the "I" ness). That makes the water
(Brahman) the subject of manipulation - which seems to make it less than
complete, ultimate, unaffected etc. That is my discomfort with the whole
idea. Anything that can violate it's unaffected-ness shows it to be less
than perfect. That bothers me. I take it that examples are inadequate or
that my conclusion is incorrect.

I thank you very much.

Hari OM!


On 9/24/07, Kris Manian <krismanian at gmail.com> wrote:
> >Thank you very much, Shyamji. I am still having great difficulty with the
> >concept.  I realize that all analogies are limited when applied to
> Brahman
> >but in the Ocean-wave analogy, I get the sense that the water
> (Paramaatma)
> >is not deluded, but the wave (Jivaatma) is. If the two are essentially
> the
> >same, how can we talk about one being deluded (by Maya) but not the
> other?
> Prabhaji,
>     Let me share my understanding from the Ocean-wave analogy.
> Wave is nothing but water with (kinetic) energy and action. Energy and
> action brings forth ego and the "I" ness.
> This brings new characteristics to the wave even though it is essentially
> water. So is the delusion of
> Jivaatma.
> Another analogy is when Hydrogen and Oxygen combine you get water that is
> completely different
> from where it came from.
> Hari Om.
> Kris
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