[Advaita-l] The essence of advaita

Kris Manian krismanian at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 14:28:23 CDT 2007

>Thank you very much, Shyamji. I am still having great difficulty with the
>concept.  I realize that all analogies are limited when applied to Brahman
>but in the Ocean-wave analogy, I get the sense that the water (Paramaatma)
>is not deluded, but the wave (Jivaatma) is. If the two are essentially the
>same, how can we talk about one being deluded (by Maya) but not the other?

     Let me share my understanding from the Ocean-wave analogy.
Wave is nothing but water with (kinetic) energy and action. Energy and action brings forth ego and the "I" ness.
This brings new characteristics to the wave even though it is essentially water. So is the delusion of 

Another analogy is when Hydrogen and Oxygen combine you get water that is completely different
from where it came from.

Hari Om.


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