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Thank you for the kind response. I guess that once I answer this essential
question, I wont have any more, but I am just not getting there.


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> Pranams to all.
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> If the above is true, to whom does the illusion occur? I am not asking WHY
> there is the illusion or WHO is causing it – I accept that it is due to
> Maya
> – but to WHOM is the illusion happening?
>   1. Since we (Jivaatmas) are inside the Universe, we are part of the
>   illusion, hence cannot be the observers as the illusion cannot observe
>   itself.  Is this statement incorrect?
> Dear Prabhaji,
>      Are YOU in the world
>              OR
>      The world is in YOU?
The correct answer to this question will answer all your
> questions. You have to get the answer within yourself by
> yourself . To do this one has to learn the art and science
> of taking  the correct standpoint viz. taking the standpoint of the
> With respectful regards,
> Sreenivasa Murthy
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