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From: H.N.Sreenivasa murthy
Pranams to all.

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If the above is true, to whom does the illusion occur? I am not asking
there is the illusion or WHO is causing it – I accept that it is due to
– but to WHOM is the illusion happening?

   1. Since we (Jivaatmas) are inside the Universe, we are part of the
   illusion, hence cannot be the observers as the illusion cannot
   itself.  Is this statement incorrect?

Dear Prabhaji,

      Are YOU in the world
      The world is in YOU?
   The correct answer to this question will answer all your
questions. You have to get the answer within yourself by
yourself . To do this one has to learn the art and science
of taking  the correct standpoint viz. taking the standpoint of the

With respectful regards,
 Sreenivasa Murthy

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