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"But, since the desires keep growing, this cycle of leaving one body and acquiring >another continue(s) endlessly. This is called Birth-Death- Rebirth."
 It is not merely desires that result in this karmic recycling, but prarabdha - the accumulated fruits of one's own previous karma, volitional acts of omission and comission, that necessitate an appropriate medium in which to experience the results - good and bad. The subsequent re-birth is hence in an appropriate body.

"So they will not be born again or in the worst case they will be born the same species,"

Any species other than human is primarily meant for exhaustion of a portion of one's prarabdha. So an animal's desires - such as for food - are purely instinctive-driven - in the absence of kartrtvam or a notion of do-ership the animal does not accumulate any fresh papa-punya. 

"The human population keeps growing does not jibe with this theory unless we say that the soul with the mind sub divides"
There is no question of the jiva subdividing. A single human body houses trillions of bacteria. So the  human population growing is not contrary to this in anyway. It is simply a continued process of recycling with a spiritual evolution - as the jivas outlive much of their accumulated karmic burden the residual papa-punya balance hits the proverbial jackpot - the human birth - the rarest of rae opportunities for a gateway to Moksha.

Trust this clarifies.
Shri Gurubhyo namah
Hari OM

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