[Advaita-l] The fact of existance

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Dear Kris
Why not we look this way......   How many living beings are being  destroyed by humans   right from small palnts,large trees and all spicies of Animals in the name of development! and all these are comming back in the form of humans and thats why such explosion in the human population.
The second point is about the desires of plants, animals and inanimate things.... This is the real question. We conclude that these things do not have desires, but its mere our conclusions and there is quite a possibilty of they too having desires. Like, in the forests, seeing animals moving desire to become animals, small animals , seeing the power of bigger ones desiring to become those. If you extend in this way,In the places where humans live, it is quite natural for other livng beings (seeing the humans) desire to become humans and thats how explosion in human form. This more or less goes well with thoery of evolution too, Isnt't it.
male and female ratio.... I feel consciously or unconsciously every man at some point of time wishes to be a woman and vice versa....  and thats how ratio is maintained.
I tried to explain my understanding and thanks for making to contemplate more on this.
> Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 11:25:29 -0800> From: Kris Manian <krismanian at gmail.com>> Subject: [Advaita-l] The fact of existance> To: advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org> Message-ID: <46E6EBA9.8070502 at gmail.com>> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1> > Thanks for the thesis like post on existence. I have a few questions> especially about cycle of birth-re birth> > ? Even at death this ?mind? doesn?t get dissolved as other components of the body (as long ^^^ its not >empty).Unfortunately, this body can not continue to exist that longer to fulfill all these endless desires, so the mind >takes another body to get them fulfilled. But, since the desires keep growing, this cycle of leaving one body and acquiring >another continue(s) endlessly. This is called Birth-Death- Rebirth.> > As per the above, then the desires a man develops can only be completed if he is born as a man again and so is the case with women. This means that the man/women proportions will remain constant for ever. > > Also, animals and inanimate things like rocks do not have desires and they do their karma much more perfectly than humans. So they will not be born again or in the worst case they will be born the same species, for example a tiger in pursuit of its prey falls and dies, so due to its desire will be born again as a tiger or a similar one that eats the same kind of prey. But animal lives are totally in the hands of humans as they can destroy or selectively multiply animal species, for example growing a whole lot of cattles like cows, goats, chickens etc. and killing elephants, tigers for game or money. > > The human population keeps growing does not jibe with this theory unless we say that the soul with the mind sub divides> and some desires of man can still be completed as a women, some by animals and some by inanimates. Are there indications of this theory in shruti/smrithis?> > thanks> Kris
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