[Advaita-l] Unique Maharudram event in the New England area 21, 22, and 23 of September 2007

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Fri Sep 7 15:08:22 CDT 2007

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara


With the
kind guidance of the Acharyals at Kanchi and anugrahams of
Paramacharyal, we in Boston have received the good fortune of
conducting a Maharudram. This event is to commemorate the 100th year of
Peetharohanam of the great Pontiff and will be the concluding event of
the year long celebrations both here as well as in India. 

in the New England area in conjunction with the Kanchi Kamakoti Seva
Foundation (KKSF) have been working diligently to accomplish this
massive undertaking. It will be a grand affair with 25 priests from all
over the US
supported by around 100 trained ritwiks over three days the 21,22, and
23 of September, more information at www.maharudram.org, 
We have received the Sri Mukham and anugrahams of Acharyals. The padukas of Paramacharyal will be brought to the event.

The event will start with a Ganapathi Homam and Paduka Puja on Friday morning and in the
evening followed by a Lalita Sahasranama Deepa Puja, were we would like
to have around 200 ladies participating in the Deepa puja, we plan to
have 108 deepams. 
On Saturday we will start the Maharudram with
121 kalshas concluding with the dashamsa homam , vasordhara and
purnahuti on Sunday afternoon,
Saturday evening we plan to have a veda sadhas with Rudra krama
archanai and Ghana parayanam. This will be followed by avadharikas of
various arts such as gaanam, nrityam, vadhyam and branches of learning.
With so many learned Vaideekas and artists in one place we hope to
transform the area into Kailasam albeit for a brief time!

We have also interspersed the three days with religious discourses from eminent persona's and Swami's 

are striving to conduct this Yegnam in strictest conformance to the
Sastras including performing Go Puja, Dhampati Puja, vatuka Puja, Kanya
puja, Sumangali puja, providing deeksha vastram and pancha patrams to
the Acharyas and Ritwiks etc as laid down.

On all three days we plan to provide annadhanam to all and pankthi bhojanam for the priests and ritwiks as no yagnya is complete
without it.

is turning out to be a national level event with ritwiks arriving from
Washington, Seattle, California, Chicago etc.. with around 3000 people
visiting the function over 3 days.

We have made arrangements for
accommodations at the Radisson at  discount rates, if you need to avail
of it please contact Mouli: gc_mouli at yahoo.com (774-688-1029)
People interested in volunteering please contact Arun Rajhesh - arun_rajhesh at yahoo.com (425-301-7010)
For Rithwik opportunities please
contact R. Ananth Krishnan: krishnanra at agvasoft.com (508-801-8792). 
There are guidelines to be able to participate as a ritwik and names should be provided by the 12th at the latest.
To participate in the deepa/valakku puja please contact padmajab at yahoo.com 
Personal and Corporate
Tax-Deductible sponsorship opportunities to sponsor the event or place
an ad in the event brochure Souvenir are available. 
Interested parties
can please contact Balaji Rajamani over email at balajiraj at hotmail.com
or over phone at (617) 791-9768.
If you are not able to reach any of the above, I can be reached at krishvishy at yahoo.com (781) 354 9315

An event of this nature requires massive logistics and contributions, more importantly we urge all of you to attend this event, participate and make it a grand success. 

We strongly believe that we could not have reached this far without the kind blessings of Paramacharyal,

for ever at his lotus feet

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