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Fri Sep 7 06:07:51 CDT 2007

there is a role for the sanyasins to perform in certain yagas like offering
"poornahuti",where offering of "Purnahuti"by a sanyasin is considered
auspicious for the Yaga.

Hare Krishna

I dont think offering *pUrNAhuti*  is a *prescribed* karma for
saMnyAsins...For example, during Sri bhAratitIrtha mahAsannidhAnaM's recent
visit to Bangalore, he has been invited to grace the occassion of *shata
chandi yAga*,  at the time of pUrNAhuti...Though, he came to that function,
just before pUrNAhuti, he did not offer *pUrNAhuti dravya-s* on his own. In
his presence, pradhAna AchArya has offered the *pUrNAhuti* to yagnEshwara,
followed by vasOrdhAra...Recently, I've attended one *sahasra gaayatri
hOma* as a R^itvik here in Bangalore at Avani shankara mutt...there also,
Avani shankara maTAdhipati did not offer *pUrNAhuti*, though, we waited for
him to be present at the time of pUrNAhuti...

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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