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A paramahamsa sanyasi (like those belonging to the Shankara Order)
does not have shikha, upaviita and bahir agni. All the ahutis are
given by him to the jnAnAgni. Even gayatri japam is not there for
them. They alone are competent to do pranava japam.

Sadguro Saranam

On 9/7/07, srikanta at nie.ac.in <srikanta at nie.ac.in> wrote:
> This has reference to Sri Vidyasankar's Email on the above topic.I have
> read in some book(I donot remember which book,but,I shall soon provide a
> reference).Though the Sanyasins give up all  Karmas with the removal of
> the sacred thread,there is a role for the sanyasins to perform in certain
> yagas like offering "poornahuti",where offering of "Purnahuti"by a
> sanyasin is considered auspicious for the Yaga.Also,there is a reference
> in the Bhagawadgita that a Jnani leads those who perform these Shrauta
> karmas(himself performing them well.
>                                                          N.Srikanta.
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