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The Bhagavata Purana upholds the supremacy of the path of  Bhakti. It 
completely rejects the materialistic approach to life which is based on  the 
identification of the soul with the body. It does not enter into any debate 
on advaita or dvaita, and hence it may be  appreciated by anybody who 
studies it with an unbiased attitude.

Krishna Bhakti is the central doctrine of this great scripture, and this is 
put forth as being especially efficacious in this Kali Yuga.

ApannnaH saMsR^iitiM ghorAM yannAma vivasho gR^iNan.h|

tataH sadyo vimuchyeta yadbibheti svayaM bhayam.h||

Even though a person is helplessly  revolving in the endless cycle of birth 
and death,  he will be immediately released by calling out the name of 
Krishna, which Fear itself fears.

Bhagavata, skandha 1, Chap. 1, Verse 14)

viShNoH sakAshAt.h saMbhUtaM jagat.h tatraiva samsthitam.h |

sthitisamyamakartA asau jagato asya jagachcha saH   ||

                         (Vishnu Purana, Part 1 Ch. 1, 35)

The world has been created from ViShNu; it exists in Him, He is the 
preserver and destroyer of the world and the world is ViShNu.

vAsudeve bhagavati bhaktiyogaH prayojitaH |

janayatyAshu vairAgyaM jnAnaM cha yadahaitukam.h  ||

                  (Bhagavatam Skandha 1, Chap. 2, Verse 7)

By resorting to bhakti in BhagavAn VAsudeva, one can quickly gain spiritual 
knowledge, which is without any worldly cause (motive), and detachment (from 
worldly thoughts).

satyapi bhedApagame nAtha tavAhaM na mAmakInastvam.h |

sAmudro hi tarangaH kvachana samudro na tArangaH ||   (Shankara's 

Even when I am not under the influence of Dualism, O Lord, I belong to You 
but You don't belong to Me ; the waves belong to the sea but the sea never 
belongs to the waves.


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