[Advaita-l] Happy Sri Krishna Janmastami

Sridhar sridhar at amritapuri.amrita.edu
Mon Sep 3 14:55:47 CDT 2007

                                  || Aum Sri Gurubhyo Namah || 
                                          || Hari: Aum ||
Aum Namah Shivaya advaitins

Praying to Lord of Vrindavan to fill our hearts with Bliss(Ananda) on His birthday.

Sharing a song to Lord Krishna by Sri Auribindo on the auspicious occasion.

At last I find a meaning of soul's birth
        Into this universe terrible and sweet,
I who have felt the hungry heart of earth
        Aspiring beyond heaven to Krishna's feet.

I have seen the beauty of immortal eyes,
        And heard the passion of the Lover's flute,
And known a deathless ecstasy's surprise
        And sorrow in my heart for ever mute.

Nearer and nearer now the music draws,
        Life shudders with a strange felicity;
All Nature is a wide enamoured pause
        Hoping her lord to touch, to clasp, to be.

For this one moment lived the ages past;
The world now throbs fulfilled in me at last.


                                      - Sri Aurobindo

                          (Satchidananda Guru Jaya Guru Jaya Guru)         

                             || Aum shAnthih shAnthih shAnthih ||

srI pAda sEvAyAm

|| Aum lokAh samasthAh sukhino bhavanthu ||

mAtA cha pArvatI dEvi pitA dEvo mahEshvaraH |
       bhAndavA shiva bhaktAshcha svadEsho bhuvanatrayam ||
                                   -- srI shankara bhagavathpAda

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