[Advaita-l] "Bhoomidhanam " Appeal for Land (fwd)

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Mon Sep 3 07:14:25 CDT 2007

I am unable to comprehend why Karmakand  is practiced even after knowing
the above Reality by the existing and new Schools.

Hare Krishna

I am not able to understand this statement of yours !!!  who said there is
no place for karmakand in shankara's advaita vEdAnta??  Shankara, time &
again recommends  *agnihOtrAdi* karma, dhyAna, upAsana  for chitta shuddhi.
Though we, shankara siddhAnta followers,  know that *karma* is not the
*direct* means for mOksha, we can not take it for granted that each & every
one (irrespective of their mental status) is ready for jnAna & from that
assumption straightaway discard the efficacy of nitya & naimittika
karmAnushTAnaM in this empirical jagat..For us,
(gruhasta-s/householders/loukika-s), nitya, naimittika, smArta, shrouta
Karma-s in the form of  *yOga*  is absolute necessary to prepare the
antaHkaraNa for higher persuits..Hence, I strongly believe these type of
institutions have their own importance even in shankara's jnAna mArga.
Because shankara himself admits in gItA bhAshya that : karmayOga nishtaayAM
parama rahastyaM Ishwara sharaNAgatiM upasaMhrutya...

Just few thoughts...

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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