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Dear Vyasji,
The Institute proposed to be opened is to teach Vedic Karmakand mainly on 
ritualistic upasanas which  philosophically belongs to Purva Mimamsa 
Darshan. Though it is encouraged to revive the lost heritage, it is pointed 
out by all his teachings by Shankara that Vedanta Philosophy is the highest 
which is followed by Advaitins i.e. Nondualistic. Even most of the Mutts 
preach advaita but practice rituals by conducting Homa, Yajna and Yaga etc.
Shankara says in his Gita Bhashya  that " KEvaladeva Jnanat Mokshaha 
ItyarthO nishchitO Gitasu Upanishatsu cha" and also "Chittasya ShudahayE 
karma na tu Vastoopalabhdaye" in his Viveka Chudamani. Infact the whole text 
of Viveka Chudamani talks of a single Objective of Atma Anatma Viveka 
leading to Moksha.
Hence it is imperative to open Schools which teach Uttara Mimamsa or Vedanta 
Philosophy only as it is the highest rung of all Darshanas. I am unable to 
comprehend why Karmakand  is practiced even after knowing the above Reality 
by the existing and new Schools. The learned can elucidate in justification.

Subramanya UH
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