[Advaita-l] [ambaa-L] shriilalitaa trishatii stotram

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Sarvebhyo Gurubyo Namah.
Sarvebhyo Devathaabhyo Namah.

Om Shri Mahaaganapathaye Namah.
Om Shri Gurubhyo Namah.

Dear Shri Mayavaram:

Congratulations on the production of this text.
I read with much respect and admiration, your publication of the Shri Lalitha Thrishathi.

As a typesetter of various Sanskrit texts,  I do know how difficult it can be to get the correct spellings for publishing quality. However much one tries, errors always creep in. 

Also, paathabhedanais create all kinds of controversy, which distract from the main objectives of this text, and of the publisher.  Hopefully, this e-mail will be received in the correct spirit by the audience and appreciate the effors you have put in. For my part, I have nothing but the deepest admiration and respect for those who attempt to publish this type of work, to preserve and protect our heritage.

There are some differences in the text that I encountered. I am comparing the text of Shri Vidya Nityaanusthaanam published by Bhaskara Prakaasha Ashramama in R.A. puram , Chennai, (for which my parents and I did the typesetting), and the text you published on the Amba-l site. Even though we had multiple sets of eyes look and proof-read the text, we still had a few errors in that book.  It is amazing how easily the eyes get deceived. I have attempted in some small way to try and do what I can to preserve accuracy. Please accept this humble contribution.

I wanted to send this e-mail rather quickly, so I have only put English spellings. Apologies for that. However, from past posts, I do know that you are scholarly enough to grasp and understand the differences that are encountered. 

In this email, "Version 1" means the book published by our Ashramam. "Text" means the published text on the Amba-l site.
I have also looked only at the Shri Lalitha Thrishathi Sthothram, and not the Purva and Uttar Peethikas. 


   Version 1: "BoorbhuvassuvarOM iti digbandhah ?" 
   Text says: "BhoorbhuvasuvaRM  iti digbandhah".

Beejam, Shakthi and Keelakam.

   Are they not the Panchadashakshari thrikootas ?

Dhyana Shlokam:  Line 1. 

   Version 1: "Aparimithaamodabaana Sowrabhyam". 
   Text says: "Aparimithaamodabaana Sowgbhaagyaam". 

Lamityaadi Nyaasam.

  Version 1:  "Rum Agnyatmikaayai ". 
  Text says:  "Rum Vahnyatmikaayai". 

Para number 9, line 1.

  Version 1: "EekaararoopiNiishithrii".
  Text says: "EekaararoopaaCheshithrii".

Para number 15, line 1.
  Version 1: "LakshaNojjwala divyaangi".
  Text says: "LakshaNonjwala divyaangi". 
  (Is this a problem with the font or a spelling error or just a paathabhedanai ?).
  (Please also see the formation of "jj" in para 37 "lajjaapada" ).

Para number 20, line 2.
  Version 1:  "Hari Brahmendra Sevitaa" 
  Text says:  "Hari Brahmendra Vanditaa".

Para number 22. line 2.

  Version 1: "HastikumbhotThungakuchaa". 
  Text says: "HastikumbhotThunkakuchaa". 
  (Please see Naamavali in text ... It appears to be correct in naamavalii as KumbhotTunga Kuchaa ).

Para number 24. line 1.
  Version 1:  "Sarva karthrii Sarva Dhaathri". 
  Text says:  "Sarva karthrii Sarva Bharthrii".

Para number 24. line 2. 
  Version 1: "Sanaathanii".
  Text says: "Sanaathanaa".
  (Naamavalii appears to correct as "Sanaathanyai" .)  

Para number 26. line 2.
  Version 1: "SarvaabharaNa bhooshithaa". 
  Text says: "SarvabhooshaNa bhooshitaa".

Para number 30, line 1.
  Version 1: "Kasthoorii Tilakojjwalaa". 
  Text says: "Kasthoorii Tilakaanchithaa".

Para number 30, line 2.
  Version 1: "haaTakaabharanojjwalaa". 
  Text says: "haaTakaabharanoNjwalaa" 
  Is this a problem with the font ?
  Perhaps it would be better to use the "jj" as it appears in para 37, "lajjaapada..".

Para number 33, line 2:
  Version 1: "Harikopaarunaamshuka". 
  Text says: "Harigopaarunaamshuka".
  (please also see naamaavalii, where it appears to be correct as HariKopaarunaamshuka).

Para number 36 line 2.
  Version 1: "Labhyetharaa".
  Text says: "Labhyatharaa".
  (Please also see naamaavalii, where it appears to be correct as Labhyetharaa).

Para 40, line 1.
  Version 1: "Hreemkaarodyaanakekinii".
  Text says:  "Hreemkaarodyaana".
   This appears to be a typographic error. Naamaavalii is correct.

Para 44 line 1.
  Version 1.  "Sakalaa Sacchidaanandaa Saadhvii sadgathi daayinii".
  Text says.  "Sakalaa Sacchidaanandaa Saadhyaa sadgathi daayinii".

Para 45 line 1.
  Version 1.   "Sarvotthungaa sangaheena sadgunaa sakaleshTadaa"
  Text says.   "Sarvotthungaa sangaheena sagunaa sakaleshwarii".
  (There are two bhedanais here.. sadgunaa vs. sagunaa  and also sakaleshTadaa vs. sakaleshwarii).
  (The saguna matches with the Naamaavalii, but the sakaleshTadaa seems to be correct in the naamaavalii).

Para 52 line 2.
  Version 1.   "Labdhabuddhir -Labdhaleelaa Labdha yowvanashaalinii".
  Text says.   "LabdhaVriddhir-Labdhaleelaa Labdha yowvanashaalinii".
  (The naamaavalii seems to be correct as Labdhabuddhyai).

Para 53 line 2.
  Version 1.   "Labdharaagaa Labdhagathir LabdhaanangaagamasThithih".
  Text says.   "Labdharaagaa Labdhapathir LabdhanaanaagamasThithih".
   (Labdhagathih vs. Labdhapathih)
Para 55 line 2.
  Version 1.   "HreemkaarapeTakamaNirHreemkaaraadarshabimbikaa".
  Text says.   "HreemkaarapeTakamaNirHreemkaaraadarshabimbithaa".
   (bimbikaa vs. bimbitaa).

I think that some of the differences shown above are true paathabhedanais, some are inconsequential differences that need not be addressed at all, but some of the differences need to be resolved.  I have not attempted to provide any corrections, because that is contentious and could create controversy and argument. In this regard, we are guided by the verbiage as given by our Gurunaatha.  

For the larger audience, however, I want to mention that this is a very divine text. Please do not get caught up in small differences. If you see a paathabhedanai, instead of arguing about accuracy of one version over the other, I would recommend absorbing both paathabhedanais, understanding the bhedanai and then coming to your own conclusions.  You will find that a much more enlightening path than the confrontational one.

Hope this small contribution to your great effort helps to bring out a better final product result. 


Shree Maathre Namah.


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  http://www.ambaa.org/pdf/lalita_trishati_san.pdf (only in devanaagari lipi )

  This document has puurva bhaaga, stotram, naamaavali, and the
  uttarabhaaga. This is draft 1. If you can point out the errors, your
  help will be gratefully appreciated.

  I have another document which the meaning from Saankara bhaashhyam
  typed upto 170 names and the meanings for puurva bhaagaH - I posted
  these to ambaa-l and advaita-l in the past. I will be complete this
  file by early next year and make it available,


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