[Advaita-l] shriilalitaa trishatii stotram

Ravisankar Mayavaram abhayambika at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 18:45:41 CDT 2007

http://www.ambaa.org/pdf/lalita_trishati_san.pdf  (only in devanaagari lipi )

This document has puurva bhaaga, stotram, naamaavali, and the
uttarabhaaga. This is draft 1. If you can point out the errors, your
help will be gratefully appreciated.

 I have another document which the meaning from Saankara bhaashhyam
typed upto 170 names and the meanings for puurva bhaagaH - I posted
these to ambaa-l and advaita-l in the past. I will be complete this
file by early next year and make it available,


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