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My point, however, is this. If we analyze the waking, dreaming and
sleeping states through *normal* (i.e. well-known, most amenable to
people's presumptions) logic, we cannot deduce or infer the advaitic
pure consciousness. This is because so long as the subject-object
duality is presumed in a logical system, it will never be transcended
within that system merely because of an analysis the subject's states of
being and operating. It takes a Sruti statement like "vijnAtAram are
kena vijAnIyAt", to point out the inadequacy of any duality based
logical system. In that sense, Sruti is the firm foundation of vedAnta.
At this level, any philosophical position that tends to subordinate
Sruti to human anubhava misses the point, no matter who takes that
position, explicitly or implicitly. That is all.

sAshtAnga praNAms Sri Vidya prabhuji
Hare Krishna

With your kind permission, I shall try to share my part of understanding.
Here,  I'd like to see the things in a slightly different perspective.
Kindly correct me if it is off the track.  First of all I dont think Smt.
sAvitri mAtAji is saying *shruti is subordinate to human anubhava* in any
of her mails...As you rightly said above, in the duality based logical
system, the normal logic goes against the axiomatic statement that shruti
is the antyapramANa...Because these logicians raise the objection that
since in your (advaita) school *all* vyavahAra is within avidyA, the
shAstra pramANa & pramAtru who is holding this shAstra as pramANa are also
in the sphere of avidyA only...And they continue to screw us you have
propounded that both pramANa-s & shAstra-s are subsumed under the realm of
vyavahAra which is itself projected due to avidyA, what supporting proof is
there for *Aatmaikatva* or the absolute unity of Atman which is to be
determined by vidyA???  vidyA-avidyA is within  vyavahAra & shAstravAkya,
shAstrOpadEsha also within vyavahAric avidyA how can you claim that shAstra
is *antya pramANa* for brahma jnAna??

While there is no dispute among us that shAstra is antya pramANa coz.
though it is very much in vyavahAra, it has the unique capability to remove
the Atman's very pramAtrutva  itself & in the process like kAtaka powder
that pramANa itself dissolved & gives way to realize our absolute non-dual
nature.  shruti asks us yatra tvasya sarvamAtmaivAbhUt tatkEna kaM pashyEt,
kEna kaM vijAnIyAt? when everything become Atman alone there is no
vyavahAra whatsoever...this is applicable to even our shAstra vyavahAra
also.  atra vEda, avEdAH further confirms it...

Shankara, unilke others,  for doing brahma jignAsa, introduces an unique
method of approach by saying :  brahmajignAsAyAm kiM tu
shrutyAdayAnubhavAdayascha yaThAsaMbhavamiha pramANam...It may be noted
here before saying this shankara explicitly says that in dharma jignAsa
shruti is the ONLY pramANa (shrutyAdaya *Eva* pramANaM) but that is NOT in
the case of brahma jignAsa.  Here treating anubhAva as the pramANa is quite
conspicuous but at the same time it does not anyway mean that this anubhava
is superior to shruti...shankara's words *anubhavasAnatvAt* emphasize the
role of intuitive experience in the role of brahma jignAsa...We cannot say
here shankara's insistence for intuitive experience is mere exemplification
of shruti coz. shankara quite expressely says here NOT ONLY shruti.  At the
best, without damaging the primary status of shruti,  we can say ' the
sArvatrika anubhava which evolves out of the determination of the correct
interpretation of the scriptures (shAstra-s) is itself the solid proof.  In
the vEdAntArtha sAra saNgraha Sri SSS says in Kannada : Atma vishayada
vidyAvidyegaLa vichArakkU avugaLa tattvada nirNayakkU *vEdAnta vAkyArTha
nirNayadindAguva sArvatrikAnubhavavE AdhAravendu hELuttAre*...Here I dont
think Sri SSS meant anything like there is any gradation in shruti &
anubhava & shruti is subordinate to anubhava etc..  nor does this statement
bring any disrespect to *shruti as antya pramANa*.  Because Sri SSS's
conclusion is firmly based on shankara's unambiguous statement that
*shrutyAdayOnubhavAdayascha yaThAsaMbhavamiha pramANaM*....

Your humble servant
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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