[Advaita-l] Fw: How shruti is antya pramANa in advaita vEdAnta??

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Wed May 30 21:48:20 CDT 2007

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> >> The statement that no one is truly removed from
> >> one's identity as brahman is
> >> made in the same spirit as saying that in reality
> >> there is no one bound and
> >> no one released, no bondage and no release.
> However,
> >> when one talks of
> >> bandha, moksha, what is the means to moksha etc.,
> >> different statements are
> >> made. 
> >If there is no intellection and understanding what
> that spirit is,
> >or why Sruti says so, where is manana/nidhidhyAsana
> or the
> >use of the intellect? The crux of avasthA-traya -
> the direct practical
> >path of finding out who we are, is, I believe, the
> basis of RamaNa's
> >method also. 
> We seem to be talking in circles here. Again, no one
> is denying the
> application of the intellect in vedAnta.

But, you didn't answer my question - HOW?

NOW, we are going in circles, when you start repeating
my own words to me. 
If you care to answer, my question was, and I repeat
here - What is the role of "manana/nidhidhyAsana on
the sruti vAkyas" if it doesn't help internalizing
Sure, this will be the last post on this topic.

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