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> Namste Kartik-Ji:
>   Does adavita support views regarding "gurudroha"?
>   guru is supposed to open the does for learning and not tie him
> (disciple) down to himself?

The main reason for my posting was to respond to Bhaskar's
implication that:

  "One can perform Guru Puja with great devotion, but at
  the same time not place the Guru's teachings (e.g. concerning
  the Panchapadika) in high regard."

This goes against the very essence of the teachings of
H.H.Chandrasekhara Bharati Mahaswamigal, who taught that [1]:

  "If a so-called bhakta prefers to sing to the accompaniment
  of enchanting music the praises of the Lord, at the same 
  time ignoring, neglecting and disregarding His divine 
  commands, can you call him a 'devotee' at all?"

In other words, performing Pada-puja to the Jagadguru but
disregarding His core teaching is tantamount to treating the Guru as
a puppet, which is unacceptable to say the least!

>   Thank you, 
>   Dr. Yadu


[1] Chapter "True Devotion" of book "Dialogues with the Guru". The
idea is that true bhakti is incompatible with disobedience of the
Lord. That is, practising dharma with diligence is itself true bhakti.

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