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> AH prabhuji:
> Do you not think we should listen to HH Bharati Tirtha, who
> is the Guru of even your Guru Vidyasankar, who advises us that all
> of the
> AchAryas in Shankara's sampradAya have unanimously supported
> Shankara's
> central teachings, have not caused damage to the central principles
> of
> advaita, and that studying the later AchAryas' works is only
> beneficial to
> us? I may add that if we do not study the works of later AchAryas
> it will
> only be a loss to us.
> bhaskar :
> Nobody denying it prabhuji..let us respect our guru paraMpara, let
> us
> respect our advaita tradition, let us adopt our Achraya's
> hitOpadEsha/
> dharmOpadEsha, let us do pAda sEva with wholehearted devotion..
> But. at the
> same time, let us accept the fact that it is not an unpardonable
> sin to
> verify how these vyakhyAna-s are true to the mUla bhAshya.

Actually, I would dispute that -- in the Vedic tradition, it is
indeed an unpardonable sin to argue against one's Guru's teachings
after accepting the Guru as an authority and learning respectfully
from him. Kumarila Bhatta, after learning the doctrine of the
Bauddhas and arguing against it, consumed himself by fire because he
believed that he would be setting a bad example for others in the
Vedic tradition to commit Guru-droha.

My question is -- which Guru of SSS had endorsed SSS's arguments
against later advaitins? Why is it that SSS's Guru Virupaksha Sastri
refuse to endorse SSS's work that argued against the later advaitins?


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