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>Rama wrote:

> >It is insulting, to say the least. No amounts of praNaams, or appelllations 
> >of shrI before my name >can substitute for this outright insult.

>I have been observing how certain people resort to personal attacks under 
>the garb of showing respect. Instead of "flaming", familiar to discussion 
>group members, which is openly hostile and insulting, this trick of masking 
>the personal attack with apparent respect, conveyed by words such as 
>praNAms, prubhuji, etc., has been perfected by some.>

>There is an exact oppposite technique used in Sanskrit literature called the 
>nindA-stuti. Here, often God or an indifferent lover, is subjected to 
>nindA-stuti. On the surface, the words indicate censure (nindA), but the 
>deeper meaning is actually a prayer or praise (stuti).

>However, some in this list prefer to use "stuti-nindA."


I have been reading and watching from the side line so far. I am a beginner and do not know
much about SSS or any body. I did learn quite a bit from the dialogs.  But this 
so called "Insults" and "Personal attack" comments are really funny. 

We are discussing about "Misconception of this whole physical world in Advaita". 
Can we say "Shankara is insulting our intelligence?"
Against this it is trivial to say "You mis-understood or quoted out of context".
If this is taken as an insult, may be preaching/discussing Advaita is meaningless.

There is a saying "Even elephants can slip", to mean that Any body can make a mistake. 

There is a story that even Sankara did make a mistake when he asked a low caste person to
get out of his way.

I really enjoy the erudite writings of Rama and appreciate his deep understanding and passion
of Advaita and Sankara's teachings.

But this personal attack thing is at best laughable.


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