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Krishnamurthy Ramakrishna puttakrishna at verizon.net
Thu May 10 13:20:34 CDT 2007


Kartik Wrote:




Yet another piece of nonsense! To say that "our perception is void"

is ridiculous, because according to Advaita Vedanta, our Perception

is Brahman Itself! Please consult Brahma Sutra 3.3.54, or even the



KR -->

Common man, Grow Up!

Don't try to act smart by trying to split the hair in a word or sentence;

Note the context and correct punctuation.



Are you saying that Brahman is NOT the intelligent and material

"support" of Jagat and Jiva? Unless "support" means something

different from "cause", you have just gone AGAINST one of the

fundamental tenets of Advaita Vedanta, where Brahman is said to be

BOTH the intelligent as well as the material cause of the Jagat!


KR -->

Yes! " cause" and "support" are different, if you don't know yet.

Cause brings about an effect or a change. Support is either to promote

the interest or promote the cause of; A table supports a book does not

mean table is the cause the book. Oxygen is a supporter of combustion means,
it promotes combustion, but does not cause combustion. Support implies
duality. Without understanding the correct meaning of words, don't preach me
" you have just gone AGAINST one of the fundamental tenets of Advaita


When one comes to discuss in a web group, he/she brings two things to the
table; (1) An interest or an effort to understand what is said and (2) A
decent language to express the rebuttal. You seem to be lacking in both.

(You don't seem to read correctly and shoot a reply, some times in minutes).
I sensed this in your earlier messages and offered that I don't intend to
continue this debate. As mature people, we should recognize, when we differ
substantially, and cool off for the time being. There is room for
disagreement in any subject and more so in advaita. Otherwise there is a
potential to turn off other members in the group. I ignored a couple of your
messages; but the noise from you grew louder and louder. I had to respond to
your noises.


I hope, if we engage in a discussion, we can be cordial, of value to other
members instead of fanning our ego; The fundamental objective of advaita is
to annihilate this ego.


Thank you and Regards,

K. Ramakrishna.

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