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>   i would like your kind clarification of the following points:
>   1. could positing abhava-rupa as different and un-supported by
> either maya
> or
>   brahman lead to compromising the absoluteness of brahman ? is it
> not wrong
>   even to say that there IS 'nothing' besides brahman! ie. saying
> 'brahman
> is
>   everything' is not same as saying that 'there IS Nothing(ness)
> other than
>   brahman' (?). so even if anything is cast away into a void, that
> void
> finally
>   resolves into brahman (?).
> *** Void is from whose perspective? There is no spatial void -
> Atmanah
> AkAsha sambUtah, AkAshAd-vAyuh.....; The space emanates from Atma
> or Brahman
> Also pUrNam adah, pUrNam idam ... void (our perception) is included
> in the
> pUrNa ***

Yet another piece of nonsense! To say that "our perception is void"
is ridiculous, because according to Advaita Vedanta, our Perception
is Brahman Itself! Please consult Brahma Sutra 3.3.54, or even the


> *** Brahman providing intelligent and material support to jagat and
> jIva
> means (1) the jagat and jIva are different from Brahman and (2)
> Brahman is
> a kartru - doer; Both are incorrect.

Are you saying that Brahman is NOT the intelligent and material
"support" of Jagat and Jiva? Unless "support" means something
different from "cause", you have just gone AGAINST one of the
fundamental tenets of Advaita Vedanta, where Brahman is said to be
BOTH the intelligent as well as the material cause of the Jagat!


"One is the view of the brahmasUtra that brahman is at once both the
instrumental and the material cause of the universe."


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