[Advaita-l] HH Sri SSS on adhyAsa

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Tue May 8 22:42:23 CDT 2007


In the book "Advaita Vedanta up to Samkara and His pupils", edited by Karl 
Potter, he makes a statement about Swami Sacchidanandendra Sarasvati on 
pages 79-80:

"On Sarasvati's showing Samkara is a realist. True knowledge does not remove 
the objects of the world but rather removes our false awareness of them."

Later on page 80, he says:

"We may also note that, although Samkara does not have standard terminology 
to regularly reflect the distinction, he does seem to speak of avidya or 
maya as *causing* us to experience (superimpose) things the way we do, which 
is to give it a positive function beyond that or merely veiling or covering 
Brahman." (emphasis on the word causing by the author, not me).

I have not done a detailed study of SSS's works and so would like to know 
more about the basis of the first statement above. (The fact that I have no 
intimate knowledge of SSS's works does not preclude or disqualify me from 
defending Shankara's  disciples' works or those of other advaitins, since my 
focus is primarily on clarifying such works.)

The second statement is only cited as another viewpoint that supports the 
cause of adhyAsa principle that was implied in Shankara's own works and the 
possibility of going wrong if one did only a pure textual analysis.



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