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Hare Krishna

We have seen the allegations like SSS is the propagator of subjective
avidyA & he does not endorse the view of objective avidyA.  In continuation
it's been said that his theory of adhyAsa does not withstand the onslaught
of logic, therefore, this thoery of exclusive attribution of adhyAsa to
antaHkaraNa should be discarded etc. etc.

But I think it will be a big error of judgement if one thinks Sri SSS is an
advocator of purely subjective avidyA...It was not at all his intention to
float a new theory such as subjective avidyA...Ofcourse, he time and again
emphasized this theory just to refute the mUlAvidyAvAda, a newly invented
theory of later vyAkhyAnakAra-s.  In all through his works on mUlAvidyA
refutation he emphasized the fact that  either we have to accept avidyA as
subjective defect or we have to accept that there is no avidyA at
all...Because, anyOnyAdhyAsa (subject - object or
asmatpratyaya-yushmatpratyaya) is an *impossible* proposition since both
are mutually entirely different entities ( tamaH prakAshavat viruddha
svabhAvayOH)...So, when it is logically questioned holding the very nature
of vishayi & vishaya, it is better to admit that adhyAsa is not
possible...shankara clearly says *adhyAso mithyA iti bhavituM yuktaM*  (it
is but appropriate to expect that there can be no adhyAsa or
superimposition) when pUrva paxin poses the same logical question....Sri
SSS is in full agreement with this conclusion in the *sugama* ( a Sanskrit
work by Sri SSS which is exclusively discusses shankara's adhyAsa bhAshya
and  the repercussions of later vyAkhyAnakAra's invented theory of
bhAvarUpa avidyA)...But if at all we are forced to accept the existence of
avidyA that should be in vyavahAra ONLY (naisargikOyaM lOka vyavahAra)..So
it is natural curve of human mind to proceed on this assumption inspite of
the uncompromising fact that it is a blunder to take it for truth.  No need
to mention later vyAkhyAnakAra-s exactly committed this blunder & tried to
attribute the material cause for this hytothetical entity * adhyAsa *in the
form of  *bhAvarUpa avidyA*.

more of this in detail in subsequent posts....

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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