[Advaita-l] Reference from Sri Gangollis translation

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rama.balasubramanian at gmail.com
Tue May 8 11:09:49 CDT 2007

Dear list members,

Some quick notes.

1. I had noted that just one of the excerpts was a translation, but
unfortunately in an ellipitical manner, in my conclusion section.
Unfortunately, I neglected to note that *this particular passage on
anubhava was the translation*. My apologies if anyone got confused.

2. No problem, there are many equivalent passages in SSSs own works.
This will be substituted when I get the time. The intent is what is
important, not the particular word, be it kingpin, supreme, etc.

3. Obviously I am human and can miss a few sentences in the list here
and there. If Siva Senani thought this passage was written by SSS
himself, I apologize. It was written in KannaDa and it was translated
by SSS. The rest of the quotations are ALL directly from SSS's own

4. Note that the Karyalaya is presenting this book AS A GENUINE
TEACHING OF SSS. So, let's just take it that the translation is not
out of line with SSS's teachings according to the esteemed disciples
of SSS who form the kaaryaalaya. As a matter of fact the translation
is not ot of line with regard to content, and I'll modify the paper a
little later, after I implement changes by Prem and Vidyasankar

5. I am now completely fed up with Bhaskars personal attacks, and
henceforth all his emails will be relegated straight to the trash-can.


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