[Advaita-l] Creation ex nihilo (was Re: Advaita vEdAnta -Unit(27))

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Namaste Sri Kartikiji,

This personal gem of mine (avidya as absence of knowledge) does get
sublated at the dawn of Brahmavidya. That is indeed the value that I as
a mumukshu and jijnasu should possess. That fact that my position
doesn't oppose the operation of Shruti as a means of knowing Brahman
Atma is what I should be valuing. In no way does my position threaten
the effectiveness of Shruti as an Independent pramana for knowing the

The fact is you are yet to DISPROVE my position. Instead you are
shifting the burden onto the authority of others and Shruti due to your
OWN ignorance is indeed the absurdity. Don't forget we are discussing
about ignorance centred on the 'I' of yours and mine. We need no shastra
to establish ignorance. 

Warmest Regards,
Kathirasan K

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Namaste Kathirasanji,

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> Namaste Anandji,
> If we wish to analyse the horns of a hare, what we will have in the
> end
> is a non-existent horn. 
> That fact that I have 'erroneous' knowledge is because the indriyas
> and
> antahkarana together are naturally disposed to provide perceptions
> which
> are interpreted by the 'incomplete' knowledge that the antahkarana
> possesses. The antahkarana lacks the knowledge contained in the
> shastra
> and hence with it's limited knowledge it makes ERRORS. 
> To me it is quite simple. The very adhyasa is committed by the mind
> naturally without even having to 'DO' it. We seem to be intent in
> trying
> garland and do a puja to this Hare's horns. That seems to be the
> issue. 

Actually, it is not Anand, but his opponents who claim that the
Hare's horns are real, but the hare on which it rests is unreal! This
is the essence of the ABSURD claim:

  Non-Existent Cause --> Existent Effect

Please feel free to keep the above claim as a personal gem, but to
pass that Cacophony off as advaita VedAnta -- WITH SUPPORT IN NEITHER

> Warmest Regards,
> Kathirasan K

Warmest Regards,

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