[Advaita-l] Creation ex nihilo (was Re: Advaita vEdAnta - Unit(27))

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Sun May 6 22:48:57 CDT 2007

Namaste Kathirasanji,

--- K Kathirasan   NCS <kkathir at ncs.com.sg> wrote:

> Namaste Anandji,
> If we wish to analyse the horns of a hare, what we will have in the
> end
> is a non-existent horn. 
> That fact that I have 'erroneous' knowledge is because the indriyas
> and
> antahkarana together are naturally disposed to provide perceptions
> which
> are interpreted by the 'incomplete' knowledge that the antahkarana
> possesses. The antahkarana lacks the knowledge contained in the
> shastra
> and hence with it's limited knowledge it makes ERRORS. 
> To me it is quite simple. The very adhyasa is committed by the mind
> naturally without even having to 'DO' it. We seem to be intent in
> trying
> garland and do a puja to this Hare's horns. That seems to be the
> issue. 

Actually, it is not Anand, but his opponents who claim that the
Hare's horns are real, but the hare on which it rests is unreal! This
is the essence of the ABSURD claim:

  Non-Existent Cause --> Existent Effect

Please feel free to keep the above claim as a personal gem, but to
pass that Cacophony off as advaita VedAnta -- WITH SUPPORT IN NEITHER

> Warmest Regards,
> Kathirasan K

Warmest Regards,

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