[Advaita-l] parakayapravesha of Sankara

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Mon Mar 26 06:16:36 CDT 2007

 Regarding Vidyasankar's clarification on the above subject that Sankara
does not shy away from sexual matters,Sankara discusses this matter from
a purely spiritual side.Remember he doesnot say that he has indulged in
such matters.It is not necessary to experiment whether fire burns the
hand by dipping one's finger into the fire,it is suffice to know from its
effects seen.Further,the very samsara or suffering has this indulgence as
from ignorance.It is not necessary that Sankara too must experience.The
death experience of Ramana was enough for him to realize the
Brahmajnana.when I said the sanyasis do Yogabhyasa to keep their body
fit,in the sense that they must keep their mind and senses as well as
body  under control.One who is trained in Yoga very well knows that how
much havoc is played by the mind and the body.A man who never smokes or
 has nothing to gain from a poster which says "No smoking" or "Drinking is
prohibited".Such statements are of no consequence to a jnani.For them
"Nistraigunyai pathi vicharatam ko vidhih,ko nishedah"?They are beyond
both.It doesnot mean they will indulge in it."sarva karmakhilam partha
jnane parisamapyate"(B.G).It is very clear that the episodes in Sankara
vijayam is from the imagination of a poet.

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